Amba, a micro-label

Amba is a small, sustainable label from Hema Shroff Patel. She calls it a micro label. Hema has taught herself textile design and runs Amba as a social enterprise with a small, dedicated team. Amba specializes in hand-woven saris and scarves with a luxurious appearance. These are made by talented, traditional weavers.

Women Weave collective

Hema was inspired to make slow fashion by a meeting in 1991 with Sally Holkar of the Rehwa Society. Sally is the founder of the Women Weave collective that offers work to traditional hand weavers in the weaving town of Maheswar.

In 1999 she launched Amba. She says about it herself: "The launch of Amba meant not only an obligation to preserve the traditions and techniques of Indian textiles, but also to push the boundaries of the weavers' loom and teach them new skills."

Slow fashion is part of Indian culture

According to Hema there is always a choice possible: keep buying and throwing away clothing, or purchasing something sustainable. She understands that not everyone can afford her creations, but that more people should start to understand sustainable clothing.

A statement that she took in 2018 during a discussion about sustainability, hits the nail on the head:

"The slow-fashion movement mainly takes place in the West, but in India this is who we are; we are a culture. Representation of the trend of conscious clothing is built in."

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