Brass Tacks

Anaka Narayan is the founder of Brass Tacks,  based on Chennai (Madras). Anaka is a heartfelt designer with a deep love for textiles, inspired by her mother who was a renowned fashion designer in her early years.

For young working women

Anaka travels all over India in search of special, almost forgotten crafts still alive in small communities. Her clothing line is recognizable by a modern cut that suits young, working women.

Special textile crafts

It is mainly the special textile crafts that you will find in the clothing of Brass Tacks, for example: the dabu printing technique with clay, the Ikat weaving technique and hand-spun khadi cotton. Brass Tacks is a small-scale business with its own workshop and craftsmen who work for them from home.

Zero-waste policy

In every garment you will find something very specific: a corner or edge of a different fabric and color. These are the leftovers from previous collections. Brass Tacks makes up all textile residues and works as much as possible on a zero-waste basis.


(l) Founder Via India Sandra Blok and (r) Anaka Narayan


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