Cotton Rack

Cotton Rack is the brand of a young couple with a design studio in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Their designs  reflect a minimalist style. Visual artist Agnes Martin is a source of inspiration for them.

Khadi: hand spun and hand woven

All clothes designed by Cotton Rack are hand-spun and hand-woven, the so-called Khadi. They select their weavers themselves and pay them about 6 times as much as the governement pays weavers who work for subsidised Khadi weaving units. Cotton Rack is in many ways a social enterprise that pays huge respect to craftsmen.

Cashmere cotton and zero-waste collection

The Cotton Rack collections are not necessarily trendy, but distinguish themselves by a high level of design and craftmanship, quirkiness and minimalism.

The collection of Cashmere cotton is a special collection, woven in a unique way by weavers from Kashmir. There are only 4 weavers who master this technique, which makes the cotton feel like very soft like cashmere wool. Cotton Rack has patented this fabric and they are the only suppliers of this special fabric.
The kimonos have been designed in collaboration with Iro Iro, which processes the textile residues of Cotton Rack into new, usable fabric for a stunning zero waste collection.

Founders Cotton Rack: Rameshwari (l) and Vinayak (r)


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