Himadri Hans Handloom

Himadri-Hans Handloom (HHH) is an initiative of The Hans Foundation, a non-profit organisation. HHH employs more than 500 women weavers in remote areas of the Himalayas.

The aim of Himadri-Hans Handloom is to directly impact the lives of 5000 women weavers of Uttarakhand. An overwhelming number of weavers in India currently live in poverty. Since 2003 HHH has have supported community development in India by working with over 500 women weavers. Their initiative has brought social reform to women in some of the remotest parts of the Himalayas. Women now have the power to earn and spend money. Dependency on agriculture, which placed rural communities at the mercy of the vagaries of nature, is no longer a matter of concern. Families now have the capacity to access better education and better health care.

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Scarf lambswool white with black pattern

Lambswool scarf white with black woven motif, handwoven.
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