House of Wandering Silk

House of Wandering Silk (HOWS) is a label that is all about the love for textiles. The handcrafted woven and printed fabrics are of the highest quality. Everything exudes luxury. The same luxury that world-renowned brands rely on. But there is a big difference: HOWS works 100% fair, transparent and sustainable.

Weaving recycled silk strips

Weaving recycled strips of silk

Fair transparent and sustainable

  • Silk clothing is only made from animal-friendly silk or recycled silk
  • Production runs are small and all textiles left overs are reused
  • HOWS works with NGOs and various groups of marginalized women to offer them a chance for economic independence
  • Weaving is done by highly specialized craftsmen with traditional skills that have been in the family for many generations

Sorting of textile scraps by a young woman in Delhi

Respect for everyone in the production chain

Respect is the starting point for everyone in the production chain. People work from home, within their community or in a specialized studio. Everywhere there are good agreements about the length of the working day, the working conditions and the basic salary.

Love for textiles

HOWS is based in Delhi and founded by Katherine. Although born in Australia, Katherine has traveled South and Central Asia for most of her life. Her love for India's artisan textile heritage resulted in HOWS.

Founder Katherine flanked by two embroiderers

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