Karomi is the brand of the sisters Sarita and Sarika. Sarita designs and Sarika is involved in sales and finance. Their base is Kolkota (Calcutta), the epicenter of the renowned muslin and world heritage jamdani weaving technique.


Who still remembers muslin? World famous in the 17th century in Europe and very popular in the Netherlands. Only the wealthy at the time could afford this finely woven cotton fabric. Genuine muslin is woven by hand, and excactly this is how it is done at Karomi. The two sisters work with the best hand weavers of the area.


The jamdani weaving technique is a specialty from Bangladesh and West Bengal in India where a motif is woven manually, thread by thread, into the fabric on the hand loom. At Karomi, the traditional motifs are lifted and modernized while retaining the old craft. Jamdani has been declared an Untouchable Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

left to right (Sarika, Sandra (Via India), Sarita)

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