Padmaja is the name of the brand and the designer. She studied at the National Institute for Fashion Design in New Delhi and has completely specialized in slow fashion.

Collections that 'mature'

Padmaja's designs are exclusive and often 'mature' for more than a year. For the collection you find at the Via India website she worked intensively for a year with the women of the weaving collective Women Weave. A beautiful palette of shades of blue and gray has been developed with a minimum of colors and a maximum of variations in weaving techniques. The ingenious woven trousers, tunics and jackets are masterpieces of weaving.

New techniques

Padmaja lives and works in Mumbai. She has a small studio in the northwest of the city, on the edge of a large nature park. She develops new, innovative techniques for every new collection. Sometimes new weaving- or sewing techniques are used, other times a color is extracted from flowers to dye textiles.

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