The Upasana design studio is located in Auroville in South India. Everyone who works there has a voice in business operations.

Sustainable and social

At Upasana, designing sustainable collections is a way to contribute to a cleaner environment and to support local textile workers financially and economically.

Social projects

The employees of Upasana are not only concerned with fashion. The projects they set up are just as important. For example:

  • an educational program for cotton farmers who want to switch to organic cultivation;
  • employment provision for female craftsmen who have lost everything due to major flooding;
  • working together with hand weavers who will be put under pressure by factory production.

Upasana also regularly organizes exhibitions, workshops and lectures on sustainable working in the fashion industry.

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Tunic organic cotton natural dyed indigo

Comfortable tunic, hand-woven from organic cotton, colored w..

Cotton scarf indigo with print

Indigo scarf made of thin organic cotton. The print is drawn..

Long darkblue layered dress

Unique stylish layered dress of fine Indian organic cotton,..
€133,50 €66,75

Scarf cotton white with black pattern

Cotton scarf made of the finest hand woven fabric with an ex..

Scarf cotton blue red

Cotton scarf with a blend of deep blue, white stripes and re..

Green cotton scarf with print

Green scarf made of thin organic cotton. The print is drawn ..

Top sleeveless indigo checks

Sleeveless top with small checks, vegetable indigo blue with..
€48,50 €38,75

Scarf cotton black red-white checkered

Cotton scarf with checks and stripes in black, white and red..

Bright red silk scarf with gold

Handwoven silk scarf from wild silk from Varanasi. A luxurio..

Black top organic khadi cotton

A soft, black top made of hand-spun and hand-woven organic c..

Red pants white striped ankle lenght

Comfortable red anke lenght pants with thin white stripe. Th..
€66,50 €49,90

Top organic cotton blue indigo ruffles

Original top in organic cotton with ruffles. Painted with ve..
€58,95 €29,50
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