Vankar Vishram Valji

Vankar Vishram Valji Weaving is a family company of weavers and textile dyers in Bhujodi, a small village in northwestern India in the state of Gujarat.

Shamji is one of the six brothers who run the company. The company is located in a complex of buildings around a courtyard. This courtyard is the domain of the family's cows at the end of the day. When the sun goes down they are brought by the shepherd inside the gate of the plot and are served a supper that consists largely of cotton seed.

Shepherd greets the cows in the courtyard

Natural energy sources

The Vishram Valji family makes minimal use of electricity. Sun and wind are their main energy sources. Samji has turned the family business into a thriving business for the past 20 years. His clientele is also in India and abroad and he has managed to create work for 60 weavers. He also makes looms available for aspiring weavers who want to learn the trade. For his work he received a hallmark for excellence by UNESCO.

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Samji checks a barrel of indigo

Indigenous cotton type

Many scarves from Vankar Vishram Valji Weave are woven with Kala cotton, which is an indigenous type of cotton from Gujarat. A species that originally started in the area and thrives excellently in the warm climate and on dry soil. Kala is a very durable cotton that requires no pesticides, fertilization of extra water.

Ramesh, one of the brothers on the loom (a so-called 'pitloom')

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