Cotton dress, grey

This dress is made of beautiful cotton with a white motif th..

Coat yak wool

Long coat made of warm yak wool, lined with silk. Handmade i..

Silk scarf, natural indigo

This luxurious silk scarf is hand dyed with natural indigo a..

Silk scarf, tie & dye

Silk scarves, dyed manually with the tie & dye technique. In..

Shawl, wool and silk

Unique hand-woven shawl of wool and silk . A four-part scarf..

Merino wool Scarves

Hand-woven scarves of pure merino wool, dyed with vegetable ..

Silk coat lavender

Silk cloak, hand-woven. The ingenious weaving with a miniscu..

Jacket organic cotton

This organic cotton jacket has many shades while only 2 colo..