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Linen top saffron with silver hand woven

Linen top saffron with silver hand woven
Linen top saffron with silver hand woven
Linen top saffron with silver hand woven
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Wide linen top in deep saffron with a beautiful subtle woven check pattern with silver-colored thread. A top in summer, transparent and airy. Completely hand-woven and handmade. Read more..

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The fabric for this comfortable saffron with silver summer top is hand-woven by Jhuran, one of the most experienced weavers at a weaving cooperative in rural West Bengal. The Parvez & Lal in Delhi did the sewing. The design is by House of Wandering Silk .

Model of the top

This wide V-neck top has a loose fit and dropped shoulders with straight-cut sleeves. The bodice is wide with short side slits. The linen used is of premium quality, hand-woven in a semi-transparent mesh structure. The fabric feels soft and has soft folds. The woven silver-colored, ultra-thin metal wire gives a chic and festive effect.

Weaving metal wire (zari) through the linen

Making linen thread

The top is made of premium linen and is processed in India's oldest linen factory. Linen is made from the fibers of the flax plant. Those fibers are just below the bark of the stem. In order to process the fibers, the outer woody stem must first rot away. To do this, they are placed outside in bundles in the humid climate of West Bengal. The fibers are then dried and 'beaten' to remove the inner pith . The remaining pieces of fiber are combed to straighten them and remove the shorter fibers. Linen yarn is spun from the long fibers.

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Linen yarn dyed with AZO-free dyes

Weaving linen

The weaver cooperative consists of 213 affiliated weavers and workers from villages in the West Bengal district. It is mainly men who weave. Women do the preliminary work. About 15 of the oldest members are master weavers. They can weave more complex patterns and yarns that are difficult to handle. At 60 years old, Jhuran Das is one of the oldest members and a master weaver. He masters the technique of linen weaving. Linen is brittle and difficult to handle due to its fiber structure. Juhran has therefore woven the fabric for this summer top. He can weave a maximum of 3 meters of linen per day.

Master weaver Jhuran at the loom

Sizes (cm)

Chest size 150
Waist 150
Length up to splits front 45
Length front 62
Length back 62
Hand wash cold with mild detergents (do not soak, rub or bleach)
Line dry
100% Linen
Hand wash cold with mild detergents (do not soak, rub or bleach)
Line dry
100% Linen

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