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Bead necklace 6 strings silk Turquoise

Bead necklace 6 strings silk Turquoise
Bead necklace 6 strings silk Turquoise
Bead necklace 6 strings silk Turquoise
Bead necklace 6 strings silk Turquoise
Bead necklace 6 strings silk Turquoise
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Turquoise necklace made of textile scraps left over from reusing silk saris. This necklace consists of 6 cords, which can be worn in several lengths thanks to the open straps in the neck. Read more..

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This necklace is an epitome of zero-waste fashion. Textile scraps from recycled saris are used to make fantastic, colorful necklaces. You can wear this necklace at different lengths, thanks to the long open straps in the neck with which you tie the necklace.

  • Weight: about 45 grams
  • One-of-a-kind

Zero-waste down to the last detail

The most striking colors and prints from silk textile scraps are selected. Then they are first matched piece by piece with colorful cotton thread and then sewn into narrow, double-layered "tubes". These are filled with feather-light beads of Sheesham wood. Then each bead is sewn into place by hand.

Recycle, upcycle

Reusing silk sarees is a very old tradition in India. The sari, the national dress of Hindu women in India, is about 6 meters long. Silk saris are a precious possession. They remain in the family for a long time and pass from mother to daughter. But at a good time they go out the door anyway. Then the sari is sold to the local pot-and-pans woman, or exchanged for cooking utensils.

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