About us

Via India is a sustainable fashion label. In addition, we also import clothing from small-scale companies in India and from Indian designers who work sustainably. We always pay a personal visit before purchasing. This way we know exactly who we are dealing with and how the garments are made. Meet our partners .

Sandra Blok founded Via India in late 2018. After having worked for many years as a freelance journalist and information management consultant, she decided to change course radically. Personal interest in Indian culture and a preference for honest and sustainable business led to ​​Via India in 2018.

Respect for the makers

Via India is a unique and above all innovative company with a unique concept. We work together with sustainable clothing labels in India.

We give designers, artisans and local communities that master age-old weaving and printing techniques give respect that they deserve. An economic model based on fair trade and respect for talent and craft.

Special fabrics

Part of the collection consists of special fabrics:

    • Animal-friendly silk
      Usually the silkworm is cooked alive to keep the silk threads intact. With animal-friendly silk, the caterpillar gnaws its way out naturally. The cocoon that is left behind is used for making silk clothing.

    • Khadi
      Khadi stands for hand-spun and hand-woven cotton. For millions of women in rural India, spinning and weaving by hand is a life-saving economic activity. It makes them financially independent, and they can do this at home.

    • Asian cotton
      Native Asian cotton naturally belongs in India. The various species are therefore completely adapted to local conditions, are grown entirely organically and have sufficient rain water. Unfortunately, 97 percent of cotton in India is still genetically modified American cotton. By working with indigenous cotton, we support cotton farmers who dare to make a sustainable transition.

Search for talent

We are constantly on the lookout for brands from talented Indian designers. All of them are people who work with heart and soul for the preservation of traditional textile production. Traditional crafts that are at risk of extinction due to cheap, mechanical production in factories where, unfortunately, people still work under miserable conditions.

With Via India's slow fashion, we hope to counterbalance the polluting fast fashion industry.

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