About us

Via India is a sustainable fashion label. We know exactly how our collections were made, by whom and with which raw materials. For us, transparency is extremely important. You'll find a maker story with each item oon the website.

Complete transparency

For the Via India label we work with the small-scale company Akira Ming in India. They work in a transparant and ethical way. We know the makers (we even know their salaries!), and we know their suppliers. Akira Ming works exclusively with animal-friendly silk, organic cotton and environmentally-friendly dyes.

Why India? 

350 years ago we brought textiles and textile crafts from India to the Netherlands. The soft muslin was extremely popular, just like handblock printing and drawing on fabric with vegetable dyes. Now, in the 21st century there are thousands of factories in India where young women and children are exploited. Rivers are lifeless due to the use of chemical dyes and on a large scale cotton farmers commit suicide with pesticides. Multinationals have unprecedented power within the fashion industry and abuse it.

This is why India: we can make a change

Fortunately, there are hopeful, sustainable initiatives in India such as cotton farmers who grow old cotton varieties organically; designers who preserve craftmanship; small-scale fashion companies that respect people and the environment. The fate of textile workers in India is connected to us, consumers. This has been the case for centuries. Everyone can enjoy it if we do it better, transparent, with respect for the makers.

Third party collections 

In addition to our own label, we import fashion from small-scale companies in India and from Indian designers who work sustainably. We always pay them a personal visit. This way we know exactly who we are dealing with and how the garments are made. Meet our partners .

About the founder

Sandra Blok founded Via India in 2018. After having worked for many years as a freelance journalist and information management consultant, she decided to change course radically. Personal interest in Indian culture and a preference for honest and sustainable business led to ​​Via India Fashion.

Pic: Sandra Blok with weaver in Sukna, a small village in the foothills of the Himalayas


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