Shawls and scarves, cotton, wool and silk

Handmade scarves, most of which are dyed with vegetable dyes. Organic cotton scarves, silk scarves with hand block print and tie & dye, large wool shawls with woven motifs. Each item is unique and purchased on site from the makers.

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Cotton & silk scarf Indigo-Ivoorwit

This cotton-silk scarf has a beautiful shine and is light as..

Light brown shawl, wool with white silk motif

Light brown scarf made of merino wool, hand woven with white..

Long blue & white scarf wool

Soft merino wool scarf in deep indigo blue. Made with tie & ..

Shawl, purple brown with golden shine, wool and silk

Warm, comfortable hand woven large wool- sik scarf . Availab..

Cotton scarf natural Indigo

The pattern of this cotton scarf of natural indigo has been ..

Shawl, natural indigo, merino wool and silk

Delicate, luxurious scarf of wool and silk, colored with veg..

White shawl, wool and silk

Refined white scarf wool and silk with shiny woven border pa..

Cotton & silk scarf Indigo-Bruin

This cotton-silk scarf has a beautiful shine and is light as..

Shawl silk and wool, fair made

Shiny scarf turquoise and bronze of silk and wool, made in a..

Stole, wool and silk, terracotta

A luxurious silk scarf in unparalleled beautiful earthy oran..

Cotton & silk scarf natural Indigo

This cotton-silk scarf has a beautiful shine and is light as..

Stole brown and pink, wool and silk

Soft shawl wool and cruelty free silk in deep pink and brown..

White shawl, handwoven wool and silk

Large white shawl, exclusive refined hand woven from soft wo..

Handwoven shawl merinowool yellow

Soft merino wool scarf. Dyed with marigolds. The scarf is dy..

Scarf white, red or blue, organic cotton

This scarf is made of organic cotton with hand embroidery. A..

Bright red silk scarf with gold

Handwoven silk scarf from wild silk from Varanasi. A luxurio..

Linen scarves in white, light blue or blue

Comfortable linen scarves in soft pink or blue tones of vege..

Silk shawl, red, handwoven and natural dyes

Large red scarf with fantastic woven patterns. The red hues ..

Handwoven shawl merinowool red

Soft merino wool scarf. Dyed with Indian madder (vegetable)...

Silk shawl, metallic lavender

A luxurious silk scarf, lavender and hand-woven with metal t..

Shawl organic cotton, natural indigo dye

Scarf made from indigenous, sustainable organic cotton, dyed..

Scarf khaki, organic cotton

This organic cotton scarf in khaki is part of a series of I..

Silk scarf green with yellow dot

Silk scarves, dyed manually with the tie & dye technique. In..
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