Sweaters & cardigans

Sweaters and cardigans of natural materials. Soft wool and wild silk keep you nice and warm. You can wear these timeless designs every season.

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White woolen sweater

Soft wool sweater made of woven wool, 100% responsible and a..

Long woolen cardigan

Unique long wool cardigan made of woven wool, 100% responsib..

White woven woolen cardigan

Soft white wool cardigan made of woven wool, 100% responsibl..

Silk robe reddish brown velvet

Royal silk velvet robe. This makes you are the queen at ever..

Silk robe velvet indigo

Royal silk velvet robe. You're defenitely gping to be the qu..

Woolen sweater brown striped

Short sweater in woven wool, 100% animal-friendly production..

Kimono jacket upcycled zero-waste

Kimono jacket made of cotton textile scraps from different c..
€149,25 €134,50

Oversized cardigan black, wool & silk

A very exclusive black cardigan bat model with stretch of wo..

Mouwloos vestje katoen blauw ruitje

Sleeveless checkered cardigan, handwoven in beautiful shades..
€125,00 €75,00
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