Products tagged with plant dyed

Top indigo cotton with cowl collar

Cotton top with a cowl collar and hand embroidery. In off-wh..

Tunic blue of black, organic cotton

Comfortable tunic, hand woven organic cotton in pure indigo ..

Top organic khadi cotton

A top made of sturdy organic cotton with beautiful lines. In..

Summer dress yellow or green

Thin woven organic cotton summer dress. In yellow or green. ..

Stole brown and pink, wool and silk

Soft shawl wool and cruelty free silk in deep pink and brown..

Palazzo pants organic cotton

Wide palazzo pants made of breathable organic cotton. In ora..

Blue sleeveless dress with print motif

This cotton summer dress has a beautiful print motif in gree..

Top ivoy white or peach cotton with cowl collar

Ivory white or peach cotton top with cowl collar and hand em..

Top organic cotton 3/4 sleeves

Top organic cotton three-quarter sleeve, dark blue vegetable..

Long dress dark blue organic cotton

Unique stylish layered dress of fine Indian organic cotton,..

Silk shawl, red, handwoven and natural dyes

Large red scarf with fantastic woven patterns. The red hues ..

Organic cotton green button dress

This dress with coconut buttons is made of thin organic cott..

Long organic cotton summer dress

Long organic cotton summer dress. Yellow or salmon pink Both..

Green blouse organic cotton

This thin, summer blouse made from organic cotton is dyed wi..

Top indigo organic cotton sleeveless

Top dyed with natural indigo, hand-woven organic cotton. Sus..

Dress cotton blue striped

This summer dress is made of lovely thin cotton. Handmade wi..

Shawl organic cotton, natural indigo dye

Scarf made from indigenous, sustainable organic cotton, dyed..

Yellow button dress organic cotton

This dress with coconut buttons is made of thin organic cott..

Tunic, indigo blue, organic cotton

Comfortable tunic, stylish design with beautiful fit. Hand w..

Linen scarves in white, light blue or blue

Comfortable linen scarves in soft pink or blue tones of vege..

Striped cotton khadi pants

A comfortable cotton pants, lined and finished with a zippe..

Sleeveless green top organic cotton

A green, sleeveless summer top top from fine organic cotton,..

Long dress sand colour

Unique stylish layered dress of fine Indian organic cotton,..
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