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Sleeveless top, organic cotton, indigo dye

Sleeveless top, organic cotton, indigo dye
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Top dyed with natural indigo, hand-woven organic cotton. Sustainable and fair made. The motif is woven into the fabric manually with a small spool. Read more..

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This sleeveless top made of very fine, breathable cotton has a subtle motif which is manually done with a spool. The technology is thousands of years old and is called Jamdani. Especially in the 18th century this was used in muslin fabrics.

Indigenous Indian cotton

The cotton used is native India. This old, original cotton has become rare and almost completely displaced by modified American cotton. Native cotton is much more resistant to drought and insects plagues. Only rainwater is needed for cultivation, no pesticides and no manure. If you buy something from indigenous Asian cotton, you help farmers who against the fast fashion stream grow something that has almost been lost by multinationals selling modified seeds on a large scale.

Natural indigo dye

The top is dyed with natural indigo. Indigo is the colorant obtained from fermented leaves of the indigofera tinctora plant.

Handspun: khadi

The cotton of this top is spun by hand. Hand spinning is a way for many women in India to gain economic independence.

Sizes (cm)

Length 62 64
Chest 102 120


Hand wash cold with mild detergents (indigo can bleed!)
Line dry in the shade
100 % Organic cotton
Hand wash cold with mild detergents (indigo can bleed!)
Line dry in the shade
100 % Organic cotton

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